Green Coffee Bean Extract Weight Loss Supplement

These are non-stimulating, weight loss diet pills based around green coffee bean extract and chlorogenic acid.


  • 100% pure Green Coffee Bean extract with GCA. High potency, all-natural weight loss supplement, endorsed by Dr. Oz
  • Improves metabolism and provides maximum weight loss results
  • Contains GCA (Standardized to 50% Chlorogenic Acid)
  • Non-Stimulating – Lose weight without feeling jittery or raising your heart rate
  • 30 capsules each bottle. Each 1 capsule serving has 800mg of 100% pure, premium Green Coffee Bean extract and GCA (50% Chlorogenic acid)

These pills will help you control your appetite and help control your metabolism mechanisms. It is recommended that you use some form of raspberry ketone extract with these and that can be found here if required.

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From Sally

After just two weeks I have lost nine pounds, and I have made no changes to my lifestyle or eating habits other than to reduce my crisps and biscuit intake slightly. I have never experienced such a loss in such a short space of time, and I am encouraged by the progress thus far. … Read more at Amazon

From Dawn

I have been using this product for 2.5weeks now, along with the occasional visit to the gym and I’m already down 6kg (13.2lbs):) They arrived within great time, were well packaged and the company was super quick and very helpful to respond to an email with a question I had:)
After my second pregnancy I gained quite a bit of weight, very different to my first. I found it very hard to drop the weight exercise, dieting, nothing helped and I was becoming rather depressed, not even wanting to go out or have photos with my children:( Taking this product kick started everything and its not only the weight loss that is great, its the energy and the confidence. … Read more at Amazon

From Julian

have been using it for almost 1 week now and have lost 4lb without altering my diet and with no side effects whatsoever. Looking forward to see if its just the first week and subconsciously I have eaten lessor wether he weight loss caries on. . … Read more at Amazon