Diet Pills That Work

Diet Pills That Work

Is the title of the new book (short article really) that I have written under a pen name and posted on Amazon.

I’ve reviewed several weight loss pills and the ingredients that make them up.

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There are a few surprises, for example

  • The withdrawn diet pills that caused ‘non fatal heart attacks’
  • Which pills may lower your sex drive?
  • Did you know some slimming pills can affect your bowel control?
  • Some families of weight loss pills are related to amphetamines (speed)

The history of diet pill has some worrying entries in it. Modern medical authorities are pretty good at monitoring things that are listed as medicines. One of the problems is that some of the so called ‘diet pills’ are listed as supplements or under some other umbrella that means they don’t get close scrutiny.

Be very careful buying anything like this. Don’t buy prescription drugs from dubious online suppliers. If it is a prescription drug you need to get it from your doctor.

Some of these slimming pills help you metabolise calories faster. Some make you feel fuller, others block fat in your diet from being absorbed.

There are definitely pills that are proven to work scientifically and there are some where there is anecdotal evidence. Other pills have had non scientific but still fairly convincing sounding trials carried out.

In this day and age people are always looking for the quick, convenient fix. Sometimes it exists and you can find it. Just because something helps you achieve your goals faster than you could by yourself doesn’t mean you should automatically look down on it. Given the choice of getting to the same result the easy way or the hard way I know which one I’d choose. The question is whether diet pills are that solution. In some cases I think they may just be the answer or, more correctly, a part of the answer.

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If you are interested in a history of diet pills there is some more information here.

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